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Eden 4–Two Big Reveals


pyramids-at-night-giza-egypt+1152_12981244591-tpfil02aw-30783How about the title and the plot. Are those big enough reveals for you?

The title at this time is PLAGUES OF EDEN.

Not the virus kind of plagues or the zombie kind of plagues–the Biblical, Egyptian type of plagues.

And we do realize that the word “Plague” is, in and of itself, a grim word. We’re hoping that, paired with the word/concept of Eden, it will become intriguing.

Because the plot is about a villain who is reigning the 10 plagues of Egypt on the modern world–in updated forms, of course.

It’s also about relationships–between nations, peoples, and the characters, of course. Jaime and Yani. Jaime and Shepard, Shepard and Yani(!) and others.

Hope you’ll come on the adventure with us. It will be out in Spring 2014. God willing, and the plagues under control.





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